From the Pastor Desk…

A very happy Thanksgiving from the Priests, Deacon, Sisters and the entire staff of Our Lady of the Angelus to each and everyone of you, we wish you abundant blessings, peace and joy. On this
beautiful day let us raise our hearts and minds and give Him praise and thanks for His benediction.

On this splendid day, we also want to thank God for the wonderful Volunteers who dedicate their time energy and some times money for the growth of the Parish. May God reward them amply.

Our Food Pantry program gave out more than 75 turkeys to the needy and deserving for this Holiday Season so they have a blessed thanksgiving celebration. Please continue supporting our Food Pantry. It helps many needy families.

We give glory to God for your sacrificial donation and support. Last week The total amount of the collection was $4,634.00.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Fr. John



Day of the Poor

Pope Francis has designated November 19th as the First World Day of the Poor.

In the spirit of the first Day of the poor, may we dedicate ourselves to loving, not with words, but with deeds, especially on behalf of the poor.


2018 Calendars are available in the Rectory.

Please come during the office hours.

SURVEY: Catholic Family Bible

This past summer Sister Xaveriana distributed Bibles from the American Bible Society. The success of the Catholic Family Bible experience is completely dependant upon your feedback. Please help us by posting the link of the survey for this program. This survey is anonymous and does not collect personal information.

Please participated to fill out the survey.

Basic Link: eWm7NwQsXjcOafX

Formatted Text Link: Catholic Family Bible Experience Survey


Parish Support envelopes are placed at the rear of the Church. Please pick up your box of envelopes as soon as possible, and make sure to take the correct one. Thank you for your cooperation.


We have already placed the plaque at the foot of St. Francis of Assisi statue. It’s looks great. Donors names are listed.

We are working on the Capital Campaign plaque. It will take a little more time.

Thank you for your patience.

To all the Groups: There have been times when the Church doors haven’t been properly closed and locked. It’s not enough to release the door bar, you have to push the door not the bar and check to see if the door is properly locked.

Those using Church basement, please clean and mop the floor. You can ask Vicente or Julio to do it for you by giving a donation. Please leave the Church basement absolutely clean.


We would like to request everyone to continue sending payments to the Annual Catholic Appeal

Thank you for your support.


Our Food Pantry is open the First Saturday of each month from 10AM to 11:30AM

If you would like to donate nonperishable items please drop them at the rectory.

Thank you for your food donation.


Please bear in mind that Group leaders must obtain permission from Fr. John to invite priests. This matter is important. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please dress appropriately for Church Services. Beach attire is absolutely unacceptable.

Remember that when you are in Church, you are in the presence of Jesus Christ.

Parish or School Hall Rental

Effective immediately the Parish or School Hall is not available for renting. Our experience has been absolutely disastrous. People leave the place in a mess and terrible condition, at times we
spend more money to fix it. It is sad, people have no respect for Church property. We have arrived at this conclusion, after much deliberation and bad experiences.


Get Legal advice about your Immigration status. Everyone should get advice from a licensed attorney about their options to gain lawful immigration status or to become a full citizen. Catholic Migration Services provides free advice to residents of Brooklyn and Queens. Contact us at 718-236-3000 Brooklyn or 718-347-472-3500 Queens.


Donate your car, truck or van. The St. Vincent de Paul Program gives back to our Church $75/200 per vehicle. Maybe you don’t have a vehicle, but a family member, friend or neighbor has an old vehicle or neglected car that they would like to dispose of.

Please call St. Vincent de Paul at 718-491-2525

Live in Faith Give in Love

Please support Our Annual Catholic Appeal. Registration forms are at the entrance of the church.

You can also donate on line


Group leaders who invite priests from other Parishes, must get prior approval from Fr. John. Priests outside the Diocese of Brooklyn, must submit letter of good standing from their own Bishop at least 4 months in advance so that the Chancery office has adequate time to study. Inviting lay leaders please inform Fr. John if you happen to invite them. In case children are present at group meetings, their protection must take top priority. In this crucial matter, I ask your utmost cooperation!



The Diocese of Brooklyn strives to be responsive to the needs of the 1.5 million Catholics and our larger community by bringing the Lord’s charity and Love to our family of faith. The annual Catholic Appeal provides us with an opportunity to step forward in our faith and radiate Christ’s light in our communities in Brooklyn and Queens by bringing the Gospel to the aged, the infirm the disadvantaged, and those in need. Much has been given to us and we possess hearts of compassion and a sincere concern for the mission and work of the Diocese. When we partner in charity, we join many other good stewards in our journey to Live in Faith-Give in Love. Know that your support of the annual Catholic Appeal makes the breadth of our ministerial works possible in Brooklyn and queens. These ministries include: Vocations Support, Faith Formation & Pastoral Life, Catholic Schools Scholarship Assistance, Catholic Charities, Care for Retired Priests, Catholic Migration Services, Chaplaincies and Parish Assistance.

To those who have supported the Annual Catholic Appeal in the past, a very gracious thank you from those whom you have helped and from those whose lives you have changed.

Live in Faith - Give in Love

“Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received…”

You have all received ACA Pledge forms, please make your pledge and mail them back to the ACA Office without fail at your earliest. You May also drop it in the collection basket and we will mail it for you. You can also donate on line go to


God our Creator, giver of all good gifts, we praise
and glorify you.
Teach us to acknowledge always, and with enduring
gratitude, the many blessings your infinite love
has showered upon us. Widen our vision and enliven
our generosity, as we seek to support the pastoral
and charitable works of our diocese in Brooklyn
and Queens.

All loving Father, fountain of Mercy, we honor and
adore you. Open our hearts to welcome the Holy
Spirit, who enables us to live in faith and give in
love, so that the joy of the gospel may penetrate
every heart in our local communities.

Open our eyes and stir up in us your compassion, so
that all may come to know your Son, Jesus Christ,
the way, the truth and the life, now and forever.

Please support Our Annual Catholic Appeal!

PLEASE NOTE: Parish Registration

All Parishioners must formally register at the Parish Office. Letters of recommendation, Sponsor certificates, Etc. can only be written for registered Parishioners.


Registration for new students and Re-gistration for current students will be available this weekend in the back of the church. All Children who attend Public Schools from grades 1-8 are urged to attend Faith Formation classes.

Necessary Documents:

*Baptismal Certificate

One copy for the religious Education records.

*Proof of Previous religious Education

*Proof of Sacraments already received.

*Application Form

Tuition for one Students is $100

Fee for First Communion is $50

Fee for Confirmation is $70

Please make checks payable to Our Lady of the Angelus Religious Education

For more information please contact the Religious Education office at 718-896-4388 (Sr. Xaveriana)

*All parents are reminded that Mass attendance every Sunday continues over the Summer.

Please note that our email address has changed as follows:

We are working to improve our Website and add a Facebook account. We will inform you as soon as we are done. Previously we were with Spectrum, we now have switched to Verizon.

We will keep you informed of the developments.

Thank you.


Would you like to help with the Sunday collection or help hand out the Church bulletins?

If you are interested please fill out the form below and drop off at the Rectory or at Mass during the offering.

Name___________________________________ Telephone or Cell #________________

Private Memorial Masses are available. If you wish to remember a deceased member of your family, please stop by the rectory to book a Private Memorial Mass.

Intentions of Bread & Wine and flowers for the

Altar are also available.


If you wish to donate flowers in memory of your loved ones or offering the Bread & Wine please stop by the rectory and make the arrangements. The donation will be $20.

Our Food Pantry is open the First Saturday of each month from 10AM to 11:30AM
If you would like to donate nonperishable items please drop them off at the rectory.


It’s of utmost importance that every single Parish Group that invites a priest from outside the Diocese of Brooklyn to celebrate Mass or any other Pastoral Ministry must present to Fr. John the Pastor, a letter of suitability from their ecclesiastical superiors at least 3 months in advance.
I have mentioned the profound importance of this matter several times.
After hearing from the Diocese, I will immediately inform the group. In the event you invite the
Bishop I have to notify Bishop DiMarzio, and he will send a formal letter of welcome, from Bishop to brother Bishop. In addition, no priest will be given hospitality overnight in the Parish rectory.
Groups that fail to comply to this important matter, will be canceled.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Groups that invite Priests or deacons from outside the Diocese of Brooklyn must send the letter of suitability from Ecclesiastical Authorities at least 3 months in advance.
Failure to comply in this important matter will result in the cancellation of that group.

Non group should write their activities in the Parish calendar. Please handle the information to the secretary or Fr. John.
We have an active and a dynamic Parish and many groups and events taking place during the year. To avoid conflicts is very important that ALL THE GROUP LEADERS take note of this rule. Thank you for your cooperation.

Generation of Faith Reminder
Many have pledged generously for this unprecedented campaign. There are few who are not fulfilling their pledge. In the event you have any problems call Fr. John or Sister Xaveriana so that we can sit with you and discuss this matter. Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Please Note: Ecclesiastical Authorities Please do not allow your trust to be exploited by people who want to raise money. Priest, they require permission from authorities. For lay people, just be on the alert. If you have any questions please call Fr. John.


While serving at Liturgical celebrations, please  wear your jackets and badge. Thank you for your cooperation.


Thank you to the parishioners who have made their pledge to this Capital Campaign. We memorialized those parishioners who pledged between $2,400 to $10,000 on this Tree of Life Plaque. We want to emphasize that those who have not fulfilled their pledge will not be included in the memorial. We placed all the names at the vestibule of the church please make sure that your name is written correctly. If you have any questions or find any discrepancies, please call the rectory immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

Any boys or girls, attending 5th Grade and up interested in becoming an Altar Server, please attend this practice or call Sister Xaveriana 718-896-4388—718-897-4444

Please patronize our bulletin by advertizing your business in it. With your support we will continue to have a weekly bulletin. For more information please call the rectory or call directly our Bulletin Company J.S. Paluch Co. Inc. 1-800-524-0263



The Mass Book for next year is now open.
We also still have available intentions for this year.


Proper attire for Church
Please dress appropriately for church Services. Beach attire is absolutely unacceptable. Remember that when you are in Church, you are in the presence of Jesus Christ. Therefore please dress in a manner that shows respect for God and also  respect the feelings of our Parishioners.


Thank you to all Parishioners who take proper care of their young children while attending Mass.
However there are some who allow their children to run around and make noise during Mass. This is disturbing to others parishioners. Please ensure that your young children do not run around and are quiet while attending Mass. Thank you for your cooperation.

No one is permitted in the Sanctuary except those approved by the Priest to assist him in the celebration of the Sacraments. Please respect the Sanctuary. If you have any questions, please call Fr. John.

All groups using the Church basement or school auditorium are requested to clean up including moping the floor. Always leave the place better than you found it. Thank you for your cooperation.